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School Health Everyday Hero – Molly Markley


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Molly Markley of Hamilton, OH was selected for a 1st place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations!

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Picture is Molly Markley receiving a certificate from the Superintendent from the Board of Education recognizing her efforts to serve the students in this emergency.

Read her story below:

It was a regular day at Hamilton High school when suddenly everything changed. I was sitting in my office when three high school boys came charging in the school clinic screaming “We need the school nurse.”  I immediately jumped up and sensed their urgency and took off running with them to the classroom. Upon arriving in the classroom I found a classroom teacher doing CPR on a student. The student was not breathing and no heart rate. A student had already called 911 and another student ran to get the AED. I continued CPR and instructed students and bystanders to back up and began to place the pads on for the AED. I could hear the lifesquad sirens and could quickly hear the EMS responders running to the site. Just as I was hooking up the AED the paramedics arrived and shocks were administered. The student required several shocks and then a heartbeat returned. The student was transported to the local hospital then air lifted to Children’s Hospital. After two long months in the hospital the student was released and came back to school. He was able to finish his senior year, go to prom, and graduate. He is doing well today and a productive member of the community. An AED and CPR saved this students life. Without an AED this student’s outcome might not have been so great. The staff responded very quickly and as a result of this incidence many new procedures were put in place to ensure staff knows where the AED’s are in each building and who is trained to use them. We continually work to make our responses to emergency better and quicker.

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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School Health Everyday Hero – Katie Wiater


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Katie Wiater of  Pittsfield, MA was selected for a 1st place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations!

Read her story below: 

Early on in my career as a School Nurse, I was responsible for several schools in the district. This presented many difficulties especially during the lunch hour when you had to administer medications and address all the playground injuries from recess. There was a small window of opportunity to get everything done before moving on to the next school.

One noontime, as I pulled into the school parking lot, I was frantically approached by a teacher on recess duty. In a panic she stated that a student was choking. I quickly assessed that she was indeed in distress and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. After two abdominal thrusts, the frightened second grade student was able to expel a hard candy. Their class had been testing on that particular morning and the teacher rewarded their efforts with a sweet treat. I made a phone call to her mother and she was able to be checked out by her pediatrician with a “clean bill of health”.

Being a mother, myself, of two young girls, I remembered what I had done in the past whenever they wanted hard candy. I went down to the corner variety store and asked for “Atomic Fire Balls”. The store clerk grabbed a bag and asked, “How many?” As I checked my purse for some change, I realized I only had some loose change and wouldn’t have enough for everyone in the class. I explained what I was doing and he filled the bag to the top and said, “No charge, my niece choked a few years ago and sadly, we lost her”. He encouraged me to do what I could for the students so that such a tragedy would never occur again.

I went back to the school and entered the classroom armed with my Fire Balls. I told the class that I have 2 daughters and they have never eaten a Fire Ball like these, and with that I emptied out the contents of the bag the store clerk had given me.  I explained that what happened was an accident and could happen to anyone, anywhere. I demonstrated the Heimlich Manuever and explained the anatomy and physiology of the trachea. The class listened intently and I answered questions to alleviate their fears. When I was sure everyone was in a better place, I said, “Now I did say, my kids have never eaten a hard candy like this, but they have eaten candy like this!” I pulled a small hammer out of my nurse’s bag and broke all the candy into small, manageable pieces. “This is the only way I’ll allow my kids to eat something they may choke on”! And with that, I handed out all the treats to the students.

I often think of that day and will bring it up when reviewing for upcoming the school year. I also remember the kindness of the store clerk who helped me teach a valuable lesson.

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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School Health Everyday Hero – Lynn Zoll


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Lynn Zoll of West Deptford, New Jersey was selected for a 2nd place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations to her and her hero, Julie Persicketti!

Read their story below:

My Hero is my friend, colleague and assistant, Julie Persicketti.  My name is Lynn Zoll and I am the School Nurse at West Deptford High School in West Deptford, New Jersey.

Last spring Julie and I were working in our VERY BUSY, NON STOP office, much like most of the offices of any high school nurse.  We enjoy working together and have a working relationship that has become a friendship.  We have a very similar sense of humor, and this makes our day fly by.  I can rely on Julie in any situation, both routine and emergency to be there for anything that she anticipates I need to assist a student or staff member.

This one particular afternoon we were eating our lunch at our desks (as usual) and I began to choke on a grape.  I found myself in the familiar position that I teach as a BLS Instructor, using the Universal Choking Sign and grasping my throat, with extreme stridor able to squeak out “choking”. 

Julie had taken my CPR/AED course this past summer and she, without hesitation got out of her seat and came to me.  I was now standing and she was slightly flustered.  I grabbed her hands, and put myself in a position where her arms were around me and I placed her hands just above my belly button. I pushed her hands into my abdomen and then she was able to take action and perform abdominal thrusts. Well thank goodness it worked and the grape came up.  I cried, Julie shook and I went into the treatment room of the health office to realize what had just happened.  Julie saved my life.  She thought nothing of it, but I knew it was not nothing.  If she had not been trained she would not have been as easy to have remained calm and follow my lead to do the Heimlich maneuver.  That day Julie became my hero in more ways than one, and I will never forget what she did for me and I will use this story in all of my BLS classes as to the effectiveness of learning CPR and basic life support.

As Nurses we do not get the recognition that we sometimes deserves.  The Secretaries and Aides in Schools do not get much recognition at all.  Julie will ALWAYS be recognized in my eyes, and in my life.

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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School Health Everyday Hero – Mary Ellen Urbanowicz


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Mary Ellen Urbanowicz was selected for a 2nd place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations!

urbanowicz pic


Read her story below:

It was a typical Monday in November.  Some students were out on a field trip in the morning and returned to school to have lunch.  The substitute nurse that was assigned to the field trip stayed to assist in the Health Office.  I was walking out of the Health Office to go to lunch and a Physical Education teacher caught me at the door and said “Come fast! A teacher is on the floor in the gym!” I asked, “What happened?” He responded, “I don’t know! I was just talking to her and turned to walk away and I heard a THUMP!”

I ran to the gymnasium to find his fellow Physical Education teacher lying flat on her back having what appeared to be a seizure.  She was moaning and had increased saliva in her mouth.  I attempted to turn her to her side, when she turned blue! Another Physical Education teacher, who had cleared the students from the gymnasium, came to assist me.  I told him to get the AED and I started chest compressions.

The AED was in the gymnasium on the wall so it didn’t take him very long to get it to me. I stopped chest compressions and applied the AED and followed the instructions being delivered by the unit.  “Analyzing rhythm, shock advised, press the yellow button, shock delivered, analyzing rhythm, resume CPR” This occurred three times before the teacher opened her eyes, and the police arrived on the scene. When asked her name, she responded slowly. Then she said, “I can’t see!”  I reassured her that I was with her and she was going to the hospital.  The paramedics arrived shortly after and applied a cardiac monitor. 

While the paramedics were getting her ready for transport, I called her husband to inform him that she had fainted and we were taking her to the Emergency Room.  I asked him to confirm her birthdate and also ask him if she was pregnant! He responded that she was pregnant – 14 weeks specifically and she was just 26 years old!

Not only was only was one life saved, there were two! I did not know the teacher was pregnant when the AED was used since she was telling the principal that afternoon! One of her colleagues had known and shared that with the Principal as the teacher was being taken into the ambulance.

Both mother and baby are doing well. The teacher is now 30 weeks pregnant and is being monitored twice weekly for the duration of the pregnancy.  She has not returned to work, but will in September!

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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UPDATE! Both mother and baby are healthy. Here is a picture of the happy family.

maryellen everydayhero resized 600

School Health Everyday Hero – Nancy Hoskins


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Nancy Hoskins of Newport, ME was selected for a 3rd place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations to her and her hero, Joshua Hoskins!


To read about her story, click here:

Joshua Hoskins is a RSU 19 Student, attending classes through Baxter, School for the Deaf at Lyman Moore Middle School in Portland, ME. Nancy Hoskins is one of RSU 19’s school nurses.

Nancy, along with Maxine Pare, teach American Heart Association’s Heartsaver CPR Course every year, for students in 7th grade at Somerset and Sebastiscook Valley Middle Schools and 8th grade at Etna/Dixmont School.  The same CPR, along with First Aid Course, is given for all secretaries, bus drivers and coaches every two years and other staff members as needed for certification and to students in grades 2-6 in an after school program.   Mayo Regional Hospital Heartwise Department in DoverFoxcroft, Maine is the American Heart Association Sponsor for our nurses to help them maintain their certification to teach the courses.

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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School Health Everyday Hero – Coleen Cherney


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Coleen Cherney of Chester, Nebraska was selected for a 3rd place prize in our Everyday Hero Contest. Congratulations!

Read her story:

My name is Coleen Cherney.  I am the supervisor and family advocate for the Head Start Program in Thayer County in Nebraska. Being new in my position there was so much I had to learn and one of those things was to take a CPR class. I have taken the class in the past but so much had changed. Our head start program is in collaboration with our public school so being the supervisor I had to make sure everybody was up to date on their certification. In May of 2013 I contacted the teacher aides and the bus drivers and we all went as a group to take our class. The class was taught by our Head Start nurse, Shelley Franzen, and our nutritionist, Rhonda Burkhart. It was a long day of learning but we all passed our test with flying colors.

In the blink of an eye everything can change. So forgive often and love with all of your HEART. You may never know when you may not have that chance again…

I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was a Friday and all of us were looking forward to the weekend. Our main bus driver Dale Klaumann attended the class and off and on during the day we had teased about doing the Heimlich maneuver and mouth to mouth recitation. We had fun and we all learned how to perform CPR. On Monday I ran into Dale and he said during the middle of the night on Friday, his wife woke up with a dry cough and put a cough drop in her mouth, the next thing he knew she was pounding on his back (she was no longer able to speak). She was CHOKING. Dale went into CPR mode and gave her the Heimlich maneuver and saved his wife’s life. Goose bumps! Wow a real life saving story. Had Dale not taken that class, would his wife still be here today? It proves to me that being up to date on your CPR certification must be a priority. And remember love the people God gave you because he will need them back one day. 

Thank you to our sponsors Act-Fast Anti-Choking Trainers and Prestan Products.

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School Health Sponsors First Ever School Nurse Leadership Award


Healthy Schools Campaign Hosted the Inaugural Award


The School Nurse Leadership Award inaugural winners were announced on May 7th, 2014, National School Nurse Day.

According to Health Schools Campaign:

"The five winners and four honorable mentions selected from across the country represent school nurses who are blazing new trails in their field; reimagining the role that school nurses play in school health and wellness, students’ academic success and the health of the larger community. These exemplary individuals have made significant contributions in the following nurse leadership categories: state, policy, urban schools, rural schools, and innovative programs."

School Nurse Leadership Award nominees were evaluated according to criteria outlined by HSC’s successful School Nurse Leadership Training Program, which includes:

  • Efforts to change school health policy
  • Promoting evidence-based practices
  • Working effectively with others

Final winners and honorable mentions were selected by a national panel of school health experts.

Winners receive a certificate of recognition, a $500 gift card to School Health catalog, and they will be featured in HSC’s blog and webinar series. Maico Diagnostics and School Health Corporation sponsored the award.

Congratulations to the 2014 Award Winners

Outstanding State Leader: Cheri Dotson, Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe, N.M. – Over her 31-year career as a school nurse, Cheri spent two terms as president of the New Mexico School Nurse Association and is the lead nurse for Santa Fe Public Schools. She is a wellness champion in her district, and she is part of a school nurse team collaborating with the University of New Mexico Hospital emergency medical staff to create a virtual school nurse behavioral health emergencies training module.

Katherine Park

Outstanding Policy Leader: Katherine Park, Oak Brook Elementary School, Ballwin, Mo. – Katherine is a recognized expert on diabetes care and treatment within the Parkway School District and across the state of Missouri. She created a Diabetes Personnel Training toolkit that is used within her district and is being adopted in districts throughout the state to care for students with diabetes. She leads Parkway's Diabetes Personnel Training program and helped develop statewide diabetes personnel training standards.


Outstanding Urban School Leader: Kathleen Ryan, Lincoln High School, San Diego, Calif. – Kathleen understands the critical relationship between school health and students academic success. Serving in a low-income school, Kathleen garnered the necessary support to bring a school-based health center (SBHC) to her school to address students unmet health care needs. The SBHC opened in 2008, providing free primary and preventative care, health education and behavior health services to the school's 2,400 students. Today, the SBHC is a community hub that links students, parents and the school with community resources.


describe the image

Outstanding Rural School Leader: Kelly Wagner, River Valley Local Schools, Marion, Ohio – As the only health professional in a four-school district, Kelly has championed the district's health team to improve school health and wellness. Her efforts have led to staff fitness classes, student running clubs and a stronger focus on healthy snacks and rewards for students. She has significantly improved the district's vision care program for students and collaborated with the local fire department to oversee CPR and AED training for school staff members.



Outstanding Innovative Program Leader: Kay Stukenborg, Kettering City Schools, Dayton, Ohio – Serving in a district where many children and their families rely on a "backpack program" that enables students to bring food home on Fridays so they won't go hungry over the weekend, Kay implemented a healthy and budget-friendly meal preparation class for students and parents. The class spawned a cookbook containing easy, healthy recipes for home-cooked meals, and a "Meals with Manners" class, teaching kids how to set the table, prepare balanced plates and use proper table manners.


Honorable Mentions:

Gena Byrd, Green County Schools, Snow Hill, N.C.

Deanna Dubay, Saginaw Intermediate School District, Saginaw, Mich.

Juanita Gryfinski, St. Charles Community School District 303, St. Charles, Ill.

Nick Herrick, Beechwood Schools, Fort Mitchell, Ken.


Pictured below: Juanita Gryfinski & Michael Marcus, Territory Manager at School Health

Juanita Gryfinski resized 600





Be sure to follow the Healthy Schools Campaign Blog for award-winner case studies and for information about upcoming webinars highlighting their work.


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School Health at the NASN 2014 Conference in San Antonio


describe the imageJune, 28th, 2014 - School Health attended the National Association of School Nurses 46th Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. There were more than 1,200 attendees and speakers in attendance this year, and School Health was proud to sponsor the opening speaker, Taylor Mali. Mali started the conference off on a positive note with a modified version of his poem “What Teachers Make” and then spent some time in the School Health booth, meeting with attendees and signing autographs.

School Nurses also spent time in the booth seeing demonstrations of the latest in Vision Screening Equipment (EyeSpy 20/20 and the PediaVision Spot); speaking with our Vision Screening Expert Dr. P. Kay Nottingham Chaplin; and learning about the latest in Emergency Preparedness with Kathy Sullivan from LifeSecure.

On Friday, June 27th, Rob and Susan Rogers were presented with an award from the National Board for Certification of School Nurses. Nurses who are members of the School Health Advantage Rewards Program may use points accrued through the program towards certification.

describe the image

Here is an excerpt from Rob’s acceptance speech…

“Most of you know School Health. When Susan’s grandfather started School Health Supply back in 1957, we were the first company to focus specifically on meeting the needs of school nurses.

What you may not know is that today, we offer not only health supplies, but also a comprehensive range of sports medicine products for athletic trainers; assistive technology solutions for special needs professionals - such as speech pathologists and occupational & physical therapists; and we have an initiative to support early childhood programs including Head Start.

We go beyond merely supplying products by also providing product support, training, advisory services and exceptional customer care. We are committed to supporting the health (physically, mentally and emotionally) of students so that everyone can learn and perform to the best of their abilities.

One of our corporate values is Dedication. I define dedication as being committed to and passionate about our customers’ profession. Allowing School Health Advantage Points to be used for NBCSN examination and recertification is one way we demonstrate our passion for your profession.

Another one of our values is Leadership. We want to be the leader in each market we serve. NBCSN demonstrates leadership by providing a rigorous, national credentialing process And School Nurses who achieve Certification show their desire to lead.

We are delighted by this award and sincerely appreciate the recognition.”

describe the image

From left to right: Taylor Mali, Susan Rogers, Rob Rogers

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School Health Announces 2014 Video Contest Winners


Congratulations to the Winners and Everyone who Participated!

Our judging panel truly appreciated the hard work that everyone put in to the creation of their videos. We hope that these videos will help bring awareness to the important role of the school nurse in our nation's schools.

The winners below will receive a School Health Gift Card for their school to be used for health supplies and equipment. We had originally planned to award 3 prizes for a total of $9,500 in gift cards. However, there were so many excellent videos that our judges decided to add additional Honorable Mention awards for a total of $14,500 in awards.

Additionally, all other entrants will receive a $75 gift card from School Health for their participation!




Grand Prize ($5,000)

"Petri Dish Elementary School"

Klein ISD in Spring, TX

Submitted by: Yvonne Clarke


Grand Prize Honorable Mention "Best Health Topic" ($2,500)

"Anaphylaxis is a serious, life threatening allergic reaction. Keeping students safe through proper health care is essential." 

Littlestown, PA

Submitted by: Lisa Rummel


Voting - 5000+ Votes ($2,500)

"Beebe Believes in School Nurses!" 

Beebe Early Childhood in Beebe, AR

Submitted by: Amber Vanaman


Voting - 5000+ Votes ($2,500)

"Why Every Child Deserves a School Nurse-Nurse, Nurse, Baby" 

Wise County Public Schools in Wise, VA

Submitted By: Joyce Addington



Honorable Mention - Best Song/Dance ($1,000)

"We Love Our Marbut School Nurse"

Marbut Elementary in Lithonia, GA

Submitted By: Catherine Howard




Honorable Mention - Best Parent Testimonials ($500)

“Only a few, of the million and one reasons, why Every Child Deserves a School Nurse.”

South Range Elementary School, Derry, NH 

Submitted By: Susan Linehan



Honorable Mention - Best Performance of an Original Song ($500)

“Every Child Deserves a Happy School Nurse”

Western Heights Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK

Submitted By: Angela Plasters


Honorable Mention -Cutest Video ($500)

"Every Child Deserves a School Nurse: Hardy Elementary"

Isle of Wight County Schools in Smithfield, VA

Submitted By: Elizabeth Denoncourt



Watch the rest of the "Every Child Deserves a School Nurse" Video Contest entires (each will receive a $75 School Health Gift Card):



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